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Cashback Questions
How can I check my cashback?
How can I reduce the chances of losing my cashback and why does this happen?
How do I make sure that I am earning cashback?
I can’t understand why my cashback was tracked at €0 or €0.01 instead of the correct amount. Please explain.
I visited the retailer directly; can’t I just give you details of my purchase and the receipt to get cashback?
My cashback has not appeared from a purchase I made, what should I do now?
What do you exactly mean by confirmed cashback?
What if I believe I haven’t been paid the right amount of cashback?
What if the retailer rejects my cashback claim?
What is the average time it will take to resolve a missing cashback enquiry?
Where does the cashback come from?
Why is CashBack showing as pending?
Will I still get the same cashback if I use a voucher code on your site?
CCW CashBack Add-On
How can I get the amazing CCW Cashback Add-On?
How can I remove the CashBack Add-on?
How can I tell if I'm earning Cashback on my shopping?
I share my computer – how do I change users to make sure I get CashBack in my account and not theirs?
Is the Cashback Add-On available for all browsers?
Is the CashBack Add-On safe?
What happens if I have an add-on installed from another CashBack company?
What is the CCW Cashback Add-On and why is it just fantastic?
Why does the Add-on work differently at some stores?
Will I earn the same amount of CashBack shopping through the Add-On?
General Account Questions
How do I join CCW Cashback?
Why should I use CCW Cashback?
Will I ever have to pay to use my CCW Cashback Membership?
Links and Tracking
How can I receive CashBack from shopping at iTunes Stores?
How can I receive CashBack when shopping on my mobile or iPad/Tablet?
What are Cookies in computing terms?
Why aren’t Store links working?
Payment Questions
How and when will I receive payment and what are the Terms & Conditions?
How long does it take for my CashBack to turn to “confirmed” from the time I make the purchase?
Sharing, Tell-A-Friend and Friends CashBack Bonus
Can I raise money for charities using the CCW Cashback system?
Can I see how much I have been awarded in “Friends CashBack Bonus” or on “Blogger and Website owners”?
How does this work?
Will my friend receive unwanted emails from CCW Cashback?

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